Favorite spots in Sunset Beach

A recent article was to feature the most romantic spots in Sunset Beach.  Scouring the article we found only words about the writer.  At the end of the article was a list of the top ten romantic spots – the closest was a restaurant in Laguna Beach.

So we thought that we would identify some of our favorite spots in Sunset Beach – not necessarily the most romantic – but just favorites.  Of course, Sunset Beach being so small there aren’t a lot of competitors.

Lodging – Sunset Bed & Breakfast (16401 Pac Cst Hwy, Sunset Beach)

Restaurants (a real one, sit down, and all) – Roman Cucina (16595 Pacific Coast Hwy, HB)

Shop Devynns Garden (16440 W Pacific Coast Hwy, Sunset Beach)

Coffee Starbucks (16470 Pacific Coast Hwy, HB)

Like we said, this is a small area.  But there are other restaurants that you will want to try and there are many other shops that you will enjoy.



  1. Hello Kristen Yorkell,
    Your blog is good. I’d like you to come and see The Anderson Art Gallery in Sunset Beach this Friday at 3:30PM if you are available and promote it on here. It is next to Captain Jack’s Restaurant at: 16812 PCH. It’s the only Art Gallery in Your Area.
    The Artist is world famous and has lots of Sunset Beach Artwork. Sincerely,
    Chris M.

  2. We will be visiting Sunset Beach on Sat Sept. 15 and would like to participate in Coastal Clean Up. Is there a meeting place or contact person someone can refer? Thank you

    • Huntington Beach Wetlands and Talbert Marsh
      Volunteer Event: Inland and Wetland Clean Up
      Site Address: 21900 PCH, Huntington Beach, CA 92646 (PCH and Newland)
      Volunteer Sign-in and Meeting Location 21901 PCH, Huntington Beach, CA 92646
      Minimum Age of Volunteer: 5
      Maximum # of Volunteers: 150
      Phone: 714-593-5590
      Email: mccarthyhb@aol.com
      For more information on this site, please see: http://www.hbwetlands.org

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