Posted by: webcubic | July 10, 2010

Houses coming to Bolsa Chica

The Huntington Beach city council approved plans to build a “green” housing development on a five-acre archaeological site near the Bolsa Chica wetlands.

The homes will have solar panels, smart irrigation controllers, drought-tolerant landscaping, and using sustainable building materials.  There will be porous pavers for the streets and driveways.

A 2001 archaeological study sponsored by Hearthside Homes determined that archaeological remains were unlikely to be found.  That proved to be untrue.  City planners believe this nearby site is “unlikely” to have any artifacts intact on the site.  Opponents of the development plan expressed that if the Hearthside study was wrong on one site, it would likely be wrong on this site.

Hearthside Homes agreed to improve a city-owned piece of land north of the development to allow access from Bolsa Chica Street to the wetlands by creating a trail and improving landscaping and signage.

Stay tuned.



  1. We’ve seen protesters at the intersection of Warner and Bolsa Chica. Now I understand why.

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