Posted by: webcubic | November 20, 2009

Sunset Beach – OC’s next city?

There are movements underway to enable Sunset Beach to become Orange County’s 35th city.  This is a response to the possibility of coming under Huntington Beach’s sphere of influence combined with a strong desire to maintain the community’s independent lifestyle.

Sunset Beach, formerly call “Tin Can Beach”, has a number of charming and historical businesses and buildings. For example, did you know that Mother’s Bar appeared in the old television show Peter Gunn?  Mother’s has a history of its own and we’ll tell you about that another time.

The Sunset Beach Community Association is currently accepting donations to maintain the community’s independence.



  1. We are moving! Toward incorporation, NOT toward Huntington Beach! To find answers to your questions, and to learn about the incorporation process, go to and click on the link to “future governance committee” — then you can download all the info you need about our efforts to incorporate.

    e-mail me to be on a list to keep updated as we move on to guarantee our independence –

  2. What’s happening on this issue? I haven’t seen anything in the local papers like the OC register.

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