Posted by: webcubic | July 24, 2009

Seal Beach favored by Sunset residents

The OC Register reported that Sunset Beach residents have given up on their preference to remain an unincorporated county island and are actively pursing joining their small, northern neighbor Seal Beach.

During a recent town hall meeting, 150 Sunset Beach residents (of about 1200) overwhelmingly voted to join Seal Beach and to hire an attorney to oversee the municipal matrimony.



  1. In fact, there was a unanimous vote for independence by all residents present. When asked if they had to choose, with the proviso that the question was asked on a gut level and without facts, the vote was for Seal Beach. But most residents would like to get the facts, then make an informed decision.

  2. During Monday’s Seal Beach City Council meeting, the council will consider launching the process of annexing Sunset Beach. Sunset has been independent and its residents like it that way. However Orange County decided it wants to divest itself of providing services to unincorporated islands like Sunset Beach.

    Sunset Beach residents have asked Seal Beach officials about the possibility of a union, in apparent rejection of interest from Huntington Beach.

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