Posted by: webcubic | May 10, 2009

Sunset Beach art festival (2nd day)

There was still a festive mood on this second day of the Sunset Beach art festival.  The crowds lingered even in the mid-to-late afternoon.  Parking was a problem – we found something on the street at 7th.

There wasn’t as many kiosks as in the past but the vendors came with their wares and the crowds were in the kiosks.  The one thing that we’ve always enjoyed about this festival is the courtesy and friendliness of the vendors.  There was one (we won’t mention who) who had a customer without money.  The customer promised to return in about 30 minutes so she could run home and get funds.  The vendor willingly went along with this and promised to hold the merchandise on the side. That’s great customer service!

People were still arriving at 4:30pm.

Even the neighbors were in a festive mood.  Many were partying in their garages facing the greenbelt.  At a minimum many chose to sit by their garage doors and visited with friends and neighbors.



  1. “there weren’t as many booths as in the past”. I noticed at the 8th street end there was tape on the grass with booth numbers. No booths were there. Some may have pulled out at the end?

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