Posted by: webcubic | April 6, 2009

Dead whale found

A 26 foot long male California gray whale washed ashore near 19th Street in Sunset Beach around 12:30 a.m. on April 5.  The injuries and cuts on its right side may have been caused by ship propellers.  Other reports say that it is not clear if the whale died before being hit by a vessel.  The remains were examined by a  History Museum of Los Angeles County biologist to try to  determine the cause of death.

At this time of year, gray whales are swimming north as part of their annual migration.

The most common reasons for dead whales showing up on California beaches range from natural illnesses to collisions with boats.



  1. Amazing! That must have been something to see!

  2. There are additional findings of whales on beaches in Oregon and Washington. See

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