Posted by: webcubic | February 24, 2009

Team meeting at Starbucks

We enjoy having a Starbucks in our community. It is conveniently located in the Peter’s Landing center on the east side of PCH. I was here at the store working when a number of employees started showing up – but not in their normal work attire. They ended up having a team meeting on the patio fronting PCH.

Since they were on the other side of the window, I could not tell what the meeting was about. But this much I could observe.

– they were cold. Hoodies were pulled up. One woman was wearing shorts but seemed to be comfortable.

– they drank coffee. The meeting facilitator arranged for coffee to be poured in small cups and given to each team member. It appeared that they were instructed on how to assess the fragrance of the coffee and its taste.

– they applauded a couple of times. There must of been announcements or recognitions about some of the members.

– they all seemed happy. Starbucks tries to take care of their employees.

Eventually the coolness did overwhelm them – they moved inside to wrap up their meeting.

This is a good Starbucks. There is a lot of room to work and plenty of wall plugs (for the laptops).


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