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Walk the wetlands … part 2

The Amigos de Bolsa Chica Bird Talk schedules a free nature walk at the Ecological Reserve monthly. Bolsa Chica provides a feeding and nesting habitat for thousands of birds and is considered one of the prime birding sites in Southern California. The variety of bird species will change throughout the year. The walk is held the last Saturday of each month at 9 AM at the South Parking Lot.

The next walk will be January 26.

For more information, visit

Posted by: webcubic | January 19, 2013

Walk the wetlands

Each third Sunday of each month, there is a free guided tour of the Bolsa Chica wetlands. Learn the history, wildlife, and plant life of the wetlands. This two-hour tour begins at 10 a.m. from the South Parking Lot on Pacific Coast Highway.

If you didn’t calculate things correctly, the next THIRD Sunday is tomorrow, January 20.

For more information, visit

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Let’s go surfin’ now …

We remember the Beach Boys’ song about surfing. We’ll enjoy some local championship surfing this weekend – Saturday and Sunday. It is the Katin Surf Shop Seal Beach Surfing Championships – sponsored by our local “Surfside” surf shop. That’s close to Sunset Beach.

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Farewell to Ruby’s

Ruby’s closed on January 10.  No more to re-open.

Ruby’s are everywhere and in Orange County it seems that they are near the ocean.  You cannot be closer to the ocean that on the pier.  Seal Beach. Huntington Beach.

Now it’s only Huntington Beach that remains open.  Ruby’s served its last meals yesterday.  Victims of higher rents.  It’s all business.  If the landlords want to make exorbitant increases in rent – so be it.  And the victims are not only Ruby’s.  The landlord now prevents probably thousands of people who like the atmosphere here the privilege of a good meal, beautiful seaside dining, and the walk along the pier.


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High tide … but not too high

Threats of high tide has created great concerns in the Sunset Beach area.  Latest weather forecasts say that high tides will be about a foot lower than last months.  That’s significant.  There should not be flooding in Sunset Beach.

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Friendly town

Anyone who has lived in Seal Beach would agree that it is a friendly place to live. It may one of more important characteristics that moved us to move to Seal Beach. agrees.  Seal Beach was named as one of the 10 most friendly places to lived. In fact, it was named as #4 on this list.

Congratulations, Seal Beach — our neignbor to the north.

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A high-surf advisory has been issued for the Southern California coast as gusty winds move thru the area beginning Tuesday afternoon.

The National Weather Service in Oxnard warned of “potentially dangerous ocean conditions” along the coast in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties lasting through Wednesday morning.

There have not been any specific advisories for Orange County, but we’re close to the water.

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More on king tides

Today we had another king tide.  What are these king tides?

These are tides that are “king sized”.  The alignment of the planets make for the unusual higher tides. In Sunset Beach higher tides come up from the harbor, which results in the rising tides spill over onto PCH.

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King tide

King tides caused some flooding in the Sunset Beach area on Thursday.  The flooding came from the Huntington Harbour area and caused flooding on PCH.

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Don the Beachcomber (the restaurant)

Art Snyder, the 79-year-old owner of the Don the Beachcomber in Sunset Beach, passed away last week.  Snyder died in his sleep.

Snyder purchased the Don the Beachcomber brand and the restaurant in 2009.

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